The Early Achievements team brings diverse skills sets and knowledge that enable us to deliver highly effective professional development and achieve scientific rigor as we evaluate the efficacy of the Early Achievements intervention implemented by teachers in community preschool classrooms. 

We strive to provide feasible, adoptable, scalable, and effective professional development for teachers, child care providers, instructional assistants, coaches, and administrators. Through these professionals, we aim to improve outcomes for a diverse population of children who need extra support to achieve their potential during a formative period of brain development.

The Early Achievements Team

Dr. Rebecca Landa

Rebecca Landa, PhD, CCC-SLP

Director, Principal Investigator, Developer of Early Achievements
Emily Baker

Emily Baker, MS

Early Achievements Coach
Sasha Alexander McKenzie

Sasha Alexander McKenzie, MS

Database Manager
Dana Herman

Dana Herman, MS

Research Manager

Christine Reiner Hess, PhD

Research Psychologist
Hillary Stalknecht

Hillary Stalknecht, MS

Research Coordinator
Carrie Roylance

Carrie Roylance, MS, CCC-SLP

Achievements Supervisor
Anne-Michelle Engelstad

Anne-Michelle Engelstad, MEd

Early Achievements Coach
Madiha Tahseen

Madiha Tahseen, PhD

Data Manager
Jessica Blaker

Jessica Blaker, MS, CCC-SLP

Early Achievements Interventionist