Dr. Rebecca Landa’s research has a lifespan focus. Her research has addressed biological and experience-related influences on child development.

Silhouettes of a boy and girl against a red backdrop.

Currently, her primary research emphasis is on

  • Defining the earliest indicators of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other social and communication delays click here
  • Developing tools for detecting early signs of social and communication delays, and
  • Developing innovative interventions to maximize developmental outcomes and quality of life of children with, and at risk for, such delays, including ASD.

One of those interventions is Early Achievements. As part of her research, Dr. Landa has developed a number of innovative assessment tools, ranging from infant assessments, to a new video-guided social communication screener, to a measure of pragmatic (social) language functioning in children and adults. Her research also employs state-of-the-science methods to study learning process and intervention effects in infants and children.