Useful Resources

Institute Operator:

Trying to get in touch with a staff member, department, or program? The Institute's operator will connect you with the appropriate person. To reach the operator, call (433) 923-9200.

Guest Relations:

The Guest Relations Department provides a range of support services and assistance for our families. To contact a representative, call (443) 923-2640.

Internet Access:

Throughout most of our downtown and Greenspring campuses, you can use your personal laptop to access wireless internet. To obtain a guest login, contact the Help Desk at (443) 923-4357.

Language Services:

If you or your child requires language interpretation services, please inform our Care Management Office when scheduling your appointment.

Resource Finder:

Kennedy Krieger has a wealth of resources and information related to developmental disabilities and related disorders, which we strive to share with the community through Resource Finder. For more information, call (800) 390-3372.

Social Media:

Kennedy Krieger Institute recognizes the benefits of electronic and online communications and networking and respects the rights of our patients and families to use the internet. We request that you protect the privacy of our patients and the confidentiality of information related to Kennedy Krieger Institute business and staff at all times.

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