Research Services

The Genetics Laboratories not only provides accredited clinical assays, but also performs analyses on research samples on a pre-arranged contract basis.

Tests can be performed on non-human as well as human samples, using bodily fluid, tissue sample, cell cultures, and DNA extracts. Some of the tests offered are not available on our clinical menu, including phospholipid analysis and TCA Cycle Intermediates analysis for mitochondrial abnormalities. Research testing is usually performed at a lower cost than clinical testing, and is dependent on each project's specific requirements and sample volume.

If the research samples are taken from human subjects, we require a copy of your institute's IRB.

Please download and complete the Contract Research Test Form if you are interested in arranging a contract.

For Kennedy Krieger and Johns Hopkins Researchers:

The Kennedy Krieger Institute participates in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC), an interdisciplinary collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University to investigate the genetic etiology of behavioral and cognitive phenotypes of intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Genetics Laboratories comprises a component of the IDDRC and provides tissue culture, amino acid/organic acid analyses, and standard and molecular cytogenetics support for researchers. The center is intended to assist those investigators at Kennedy Krieger or Johns Hopkins with NIH-funded grants or awards to expand their research possibilities.