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Sturge-Weber Related Websites:

The websites listed below will help you obtain additional information about Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS). Please feel free to contact us with additional SWS related sites that you think would benefit those interested in learning more.

Kennedy Krieger Institute 

Johns Hopkins Medicine 

The Johns Hopkins University Dermatology Image Atlas 

Hunter's Dream for a Cure Foundation 

The Sturge-Weber Foundation
Sturge-Weber Foundation's mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with Port-wine birthmarks, Sturge-Weber syndrome, and Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. The Foundation strives to meet this goal by providing worldwide education and support and facilitating research that could ultimately lead to a cure.

Sturge-Weber Syndrome Community
Sturge-Weber Syndrome Community, a branch of the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation, provides support and services freely and upon a volunteer basis for individuals and families living with SWS and vascular birthmarks, while sponsoring research and promoting physician education and awareness, as well as education of the public at large.

Vascular Birthmarks Foundation
Vascular Birthmarks Foundation is an international charitable organization that provides support and informational resources for individuals affected by hemangiomas, Port-wine birthmarks, and other vascular birthmarks and tumors. In addition, the foundation sponsors relevant research and promotes physician education. 

Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology/Neurosurgery

NINDS Sturge-Weber Syndrome Information Page

Sturge-Weber Foundation UK 

Sturge-Weber Syndrome Community Canada 

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Help Children with Sturge-Weber Syndrome

Helpk Kids with Sturge-Weber Syndrome

Give to Sturge-Weber Syndrome research and help children enjoy fuller lives through improved diagnosis, care, and education.

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Sturge Weber Fundraising Thermometer

Hunter Nelson

Institute Discovers the Cause of Sturge-Weber

To learn more about our recent discovery View our press coverage

Dr. Comi's Updates

Dr. Comi announces research findings, posts important information, and answers questions of general interest to families living with Sturge-Weber syndrome. 


Sturge-Weber Center Events

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