Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee:

The Kennedy Krieger Institute is committed to ensuring that services are provided to all individuals and their families in an ethical and moral manner. The clinical and administrative professionals at Kennedy Krieger understand the unique needs and concerns of those families who come here from a variety of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is the commitment of our professionals to provide superior treatment with compassion and sensitivity in a welcoming and supportive environment.

The Ethics Committee of the Kennedy Krieger Institute was established in keeping with this commitment. The committee is comprised of staff (including at least one social worker, physician, nurse and administrator) and community representatives (including at least one member of the clergy, an individual with a disability or a parent) who are specially trained to listen to and address the particular concerns of individuals with disabilities and their families.

The Ethics Committee can help you by:

  • Providing an understanding of:
    • Treatment alternatives
    • Medical risks, benefits and options
    • Behavioral interventions
  • Making recommendations when you have a specific concern about your rights and responsibilities.
  • Offering consultation and/or mediation when there is a disagreement about a medical or therapeutic decision among:
    • Family members
    • Family members and staff
    • Staff
  • The committee offers the following options:
    • Small group meeting with some committee members
    • Full committee meeting

If you would like assistance from the Ethics Committee, talk to your doctor or therapist or call the Chairperson of the Ethics Committee at (443) 923-2800.

Ethics Committee Members