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Screening for Neurodevelopmental Disabilities using Telemedicine

Jul 15 2015 - 11:30am - 12:30pm

Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)
3901 Greenspring Avenue
Creamer Building
3rd Floor, Large Conference Room
Baltimore, MD 21211

Telemedicine has been used at Kennedy Krieger Institute since December 2013 to improve access to specialty care for children and youth with special healthcare needs. The presenter will share information related to the benefits of and limitations to this method of clinical care.

Webinar: Futures and Estate Planning for People with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities and their Families

Jan 14 2014 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

About the Event:

Presenter: Victoria Sulerzyski, attorney with the law firm Ober|Kaler and a member of the Consumer Advisory Council of the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD)

Sulerzyski was also a contributor to the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council's (MDDC)futures and estate planning guide, "Planning Now". Click here to download the guide.

The webinar is presented by MCDD and the MDDC.

Lecture Series: Self-Direction and Organizational Capacity for Individualized Services-- Session II

Jan 11 2014 - 10:00am - 2:00pm

Self-Advocacy in Life, Directing and Managing Supports

The Arc Prince George's County
1401 McCormick Drive
Conference Rooms A & B
Largo, MD 20774

About the Event:

Presenter: Melonee Clark

The Spectrum of Developmental Disabilities XXXV: The Continuum of Motor Dysfunction

Mar 18 2013 (All day) - Mar 20 2013 (All day)


The Spectrum of Developmental Disabilities activity will provide an interdisciplinary approach to the issues of motor dysfunction. This multidisciplinary course will review motor dysfunction, including epidemiology, genetic and neuroimaging issues, diagnostic overlaps, associated dysfunctions, evaluation and management, outcomes and future directions.

A New Life, Half a World Away

by Kristina
November 2, 2012
Ostracized by her own people because of her son's developmental disabilities, a mother's journey to save her son leads her from Africa to Kennedy Krieger and its affiliate PACT.

In rural Africa, where 3-year-old Fabian Ndungu Githinji was born, his mother Maureen could feel the eyes of her neighbors on her when she held Fabian, and hear their whispers behind her back. It was obvious that Fabian was different, with his abnormally large head and delayed development. In her culture, many still believed that children with developmental disabilities were a bad omen or a curse.

Celebrating 75 Years

June 19, 2012
For three quarters of a century, Kennedy Krieger Institute has been unlocking the potential of individuals with developmental disorders and injuries.

Celebrating 75 Years

When the Institute opened in 1937, it did so with an ambitious and novel mission: to be a place where physicians, educators, researchers, nurses, and therapists could provide the compassionate care, education, and support that children with developmental disabilities needed to unlock the potential they had inside -- and to improve upon it through a commitment to research and training.

Ambry Genetics Reports Specific Results from Clinical Diagnostic Exome Testing of Patients at Kennedy Krieger Institute

February 29, 2012
First Test of its Kind in Industry Yields Promising Results

ALISO VIEJO, CA, and BALTIMORE, MD -- Ambry Genetics, a global leader in genetic services with a focus on clinical diagnostics and genomics, announces specific results from one of three recent diagnoses using its proprietary new Clinical Diagnostic Exome™.

Research Frontiers: Greater Than the Sum

Kennedy Krieger Researcher Studies the Underlying Causes of Math Learning Disability in School-Age Children

Dr. Michele MazzoccoAsk a young child what the toughest subject is in school, and he is likely to say math or reading. While there have been thousands of studies on reading disabilities and, consequently, methods developed for overcoming them there have been far fewer on math dysfunction. Michèle M. M.

Crowning Glory

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Leads Kennedy Krieger Patient to A Golden Opportunity

Erin StrevigOnce a week, 19-year-old Erin Strevig can be found riding horses near her home in Westminster. Born with a rare genetic condition known as Williams syndrome, she has difficulty doing many of the things that typically developing teenagers can do with ease, such as walking and talking.

The Next Generation

Each Year, Hundreds of Professionals Come to Kennedy Krieger for Invaluable Training

Professional Training at Kennedy KriegerWhen today's Kennedy Krieger Institute first opened its doors in 1967, its leaders were expected to continue and improve the state-of-the-art treatment services already available to children with cerebral palsy at the Children's Rehabilitation Institute, the original facility that became Kennedy Krieger, and to extend those services to children with a variety of other neurodevelopment

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