Moser Center for Leukodystrophies at Kennedy Krieger Institute

Moser Center 4

MRI used to visualize and assess individual white matter paths
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Advanced Neuroimaging of Brain and Spinal Cord
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Our researchers use advanced MRI techniques to visualize and assess individual white matter paths in patients with leukodystrophies.

Moser Center 3

Therapist counseling patient
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Support and Counseling by our Social Worker
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At the Moser Center for Leukodystrophies, our patients receive comprehensive care including one-on-one support and counseling.

Moser Center 2

Transplanted glial precursor cells wrapping nerve cells with myelin
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Stem Cell Therapy Research for Leukodystrophies
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Mouse brain section showing transplanted glial precursor cells (yellow) producing extensive processes (green) wrapping nerve cells with myelin.

Moser Center 1

Anne Moser working in lab on newborn screening for adrenoleukodystrophy
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Peroxisomal Disease Laboratory at the Moser Center
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Scientist Ann Moser and colleagues have developed a novel method to screen for adrenoleukodystrophy in blood spots obtained from newborn babies.

Moser Center for Leukodystrophies

New Center’s Innovative Model Provides Comprehensive Care for Patients and Families

For more than 30 years, Kennedy Krieger Institute has been globally recognized as an authority on the study and care for patients diagnosed with a wide range of leukodystophies. This international reputation is thanks to the lasting legacy of the late Dr. Hugo W. Moser, one of the world’s foremost leader in the field of leukodystrophies. Dr.

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