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Poor "Gut Sense" of Numbers Contributes to Persistent Math Difficulties

June 17, 2011
Study Reveals Math Learning Disabilities Are Caused By Multiple Factors, Including Poor Intuition in Gauging Numerical Quantities

(Baltimore, MD) – A new study published today in the journal Child Development (e-publication ahead of print) finds that having a poor “gut sense” of numbers can lead to a mathematical learning disability and difficulty in achieving basic math proficiency. This inaccurate number sense is just one cause of math learning disabilities, according to the research led byDr. Michele Mazzocco of the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Learning and Other Cognitive Disorders Research

Kennedy Krieger Institute has performed research related to learning, communication and other cognitive disorders since its inception. This research tradition continues, spanning disciplines across the Institute -- from basic neuroscience through clinical science and education -- and includes the federally-funded Intellectual Disabilities Research Center.

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