Sucess Story: International Adoption Clinic

“Nina” was adopted from the Ukraine at age 12 months. Prior to her adoption, her parents procured medical information and a videotape of her at two different ages. Professionals in the International Adoption Clinic reviewed the information and alerted Nina’s parents about possible nutritional, growth and developmental concerns. They also provided the parents with information about Nina’s country of origin and referred them to the Johns Hopkins Travel Medicine service for travel preparation.

Post-adoption, Nina was seen by her primary health care provider three days after arrival in this country. Her parents and primary health care provider were interested in consultative assistance with her medical care, and thus she was seen by a pediatrician in the International Adoption Clinic. The clinic staff coordinated laboratory and x-ray evaluation of Nina’s special medical needs and advised her primary health care provider on future management. They also gave Nina immunizations appropriate to her special needs as a newly adopted child from an international site.

Due to concerns about her inability to crawl and language delay, a developmental pediatrician in the International Adoption Clinic saw Nina for a formal developmental assessment. The developmental pediatrician identified areas of delay and counseled her parents about the developmental delays that can often be seen in children who have lived in an orphanage. The staff then referred Nina for formal hearing evaluation and early intervention services, targeted to address her language delay. Follow-up developmental evaluation four months later revealed tremendous gains in Nina’s motor and language development. At age two years, Nina is now on target in all areas of her development, and her family has adjusted well to the addition of a new daughter to their family.

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