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New LEAP Playground

Thanks to the generosity and hard work of Kennedy Krieger Institute, LEAP staff, student families, and the community, students at LEAP are now enjoying a specially designed playground.LEAP Playground

The LEAP playground equipment is specifically designed with an emphasis on social skill development. It also addresses the unique motor and sensory needs of the students.

Playground equipment features:

  • Quiet areas for students who are easily overstimulated, such as a tunnel and a picnic table with umbrella. Some movement equipment items are deliberately isolated from others for the students who need their own physical space.
  • Equipment for individual use, for pairs of students and for groups.
  • Equipment that provides a wide variety of vestibular (movement) inputs, including up and down, rotational, side to side and angled movements. Students with autism often seek high amounts of movement stimulation.
  • Equipment that facilitates arm strength and heavy work, such as climbing and hanging, which can ultimately help calm students.
  • Equipment that includes sensory, cognitive and fine motor components, such as vertical panels that incorporate music, cause-and-effect games, tactile inputs and visually interesting stimuli.
  • Equipment that focuses on tactile learning, such as the sand and water tables.
  • Visual cues in the form of color and pictures that assist students in identifying specific areas of interest.
  • Linear setup of connected equipment, which is designed to assist students with exploring and moving through various items.
  • A perimeter designed to assist with walking as a conditioning activity, set in a different color to provide visual cuing which is important for children with autism.

Bradley L. Schlaggar, M.D., Ph.D., Named President and CEO of Kennedy Krieger Institute

We’re thrilled to welcome Bradley L. Schlaggar, M.D., Ph.D., to the Kennedy Krieger family as our next President and CEO.

Learn more.

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