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The Use of Video Modeling via an iPad to Increase Independence with Vocational Tasks for Students with Autism

Principal Investigator:

The purpose of this study is to employ a single-case reversal research design (ABAB) to evaluate the effectiveness of using video modeling procedures by means of an iPad to increase independent task completion for five to six students with autism spectrum disorders enrolled in a special education school program.

The intervention proposed in this study is within the realm of routine educational instructional interventions. Students are routinely provided with various instructional methods which utilize technology, including iPads, to facilitate the instruction. The instructional intervention would be used as part of the educational program, independent of this study. The purpose of the study is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the intervention within the structure of a research design in order to disseminate the results to others.

Kennedy Krieger Institute Announces Retirement of President and CEO

Dr. Gary W. GoldsteinThe Institute’s board of directors is conducting a national search and is expected to name a new CEO in the coming months.
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