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Sleep Phenotypes in Children

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Children have a high prevalence of sleep problems and disorders. The current study will be a retrospective record review of clinic records from a subspecialty sleep medicine clinic staffed by a child neurologist who is board certified in Sleep Medicine and a behavioral psychologist. No other data will be collected and no direct contact with patients will be involved. 

The clinic emphasizes sleep schedule and duration, conditions under which children fall asleep, medical and neurodevelopmental comorbidities, and medication effects. 

Our clinic provides medical evaluation and treatment, with supplemental behavioral psychology services addressing behavioral intervention, actigraphy monitoring, and desensitization for diagnostic sleep testing (polysomnography) and sleep apnea treatment modalities (continuous positive airway pressure or bilevel positive airway pressure). Standardized quesionnaires measuring sleep symptoms, family sleep habits, daytime sleepiness, and psychiatric and behavioral comorbidities are obtained and will be analyzed. 

The current study will review records and analyze data collected at initial evaluation and followup to better evaluate sleep phenotypes and treatment outcomes. In addition, this study will examine sleep laboratory records of polysomnographic studies performed overnight in children, for standard polysomnographic parameters such as total sleep time, sleep architecture (time in minutes and percentage of different sleep stages), breathing parameters (obstructive apnea hypopnea index, oxygenation) and arousals to quantitatively characterize children's sleep.

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