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Program evaluation of caregivers' behavioral workshop

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The Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program at Kennedy Krieger Institute provides services aimed at establishing appropriate feeding responses for children who present with a variety of feeding difficulties. Though feeding treatment is the main behavioral concern and reason for treatment, many children also present challenging behaviors outside of the meal setting.

In order to accommodate the caregivers' needs for training and support with managing their child's challenging behaviors, a brief caregiver behavioral workshop is offered as part of the program services. Behavioral caregiver trainings are widely used interventions, based on empirical research and applied concepts of behavior (Maughan, Christiansen, Jenson, Olympia, & Clark, 2005; Miller, 1975).

The goals of the caregiver behavioral workshop are to equip caregivers with effective strategies to recognize behavioral functions and provide specific tools to implement function-based antecedent and consequence manipulation in order for caregivers to effectively respond to behavioral challenges that may occur throughout the child’s day.

The aim of this study is to assess change in caregivers’ knowledge following participation in the caregiver behavioral workshop and their ability to apply this knowledge to everyday situations.

JHMIRB approval is requested, as we would like to publish the results of the assessment.

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