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Personality Style and Parenting for Fathers of Children with Autism

Principal Investigator:


To create a better understanding of the experience of fathers of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Specific Aims:

  1. To identify the extent which particular personality dimensions are present among fathers of children with autism
  2. To examine the relationships between personality dimensions, parenting stress, marital satisfaction, and the use of coping strategies among fathers of children with autism spectrum disorders.


A previously existing de-identified data set will be utilized for this analysis. Standardized measures of personality, parenting stress, coping, marital satisfaction, social support, symptom severity in the child with ASD and other variables potentially impacting the family experience were collected. Chi-square analyses will be used to determine differences between the presence of particular personality constructs between fathers in this sample and the general population. A multiple regression analysis will be used to understand the relationship between different personality constructs, as well as other variables, in the prediction of a stressed family experience.


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