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KKI Benchmark TFC

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The Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI) Benchmark Treatment Foster Care (TFC) evaluation study will collect program evaluation and patient demographic, treatment and eight outcome measures on the KKI TFC programs. This is longitudinal study to evaluate treatment outcomes of children enrolled in TFC in eight target areas. The research question is: How do children enrolled in TFC perform over time and functional outcome areas?

The eight outcome measures include:

  1. Youth living environment
  2. Number of formal placements
  3. School environment status
  4. type of educational placement
  5. History of physical aggression
  6. Involvement in criminal activities
  7. Youth's relationship with others
  8. Adverse childhood experiences

A taxonomy form will be completed by the KKI TFC Program Directors. The overarching goal of the project is to create a uniform national outcome database for family-based treatment foster care services.

Kennedy Krieger Institute Announces Retirement of President and CEO

Dr. Gary W. GoldsteinThe Institute’s board of directors is conducting a national search and is expected to name a new CEO in the coming months.
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