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Identification of Barriers and Potential Solutions for Improving Compliance with Mental Health Care Treatment in Children and Adolescents: A Pilot Project

Principal Investigator:
Maria Del Carmen

The Department of Psychiatry Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute has identified compliance as a major hindrance to mental health care, limiting mental health treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Thus, this protocol aims to assess the barriers to mental health care access that underlie non-compliance in the patient population of the Department of Psychiatry at KKI.

As a secondary objective, the barriers that limit transition to adult mental health services will be explored as well. The plan is to carry out a retrospective analysis of the clinic's data of missed appointments and find predictive characteristics for non-compliance. A second component of the study is an anonymous survey of patient care-takers regarding barriers to mental health care access, with a supplementary section for transition-aged youth, and a Parent Stress Index measure.

The study is intended to provide guidance for the development of viable solutions to improve compliance and ultimately improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

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