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Executive Function and Academic Achievement in Children with a History of Prematurity

Principal Investigator:

The proposed study will be a retrospective review of previously collected clincal neuropsychological testing data, which will be deidentified for the purpose of this research study.

The first objective of this study is to examine specific domains of executive dysfunction that predict poor math achievement in a group of children born preterm. We will use data previously obtained from behavioral rating questionnaires and data on a test of math achievement, both administered during a previous clinical neuropsychological assessment. Using a regression model, we will analyze what domains of executive function predict math achievement in this population.

The second objective of this study is to look at similarities and differences in profiles of executive function in children born preterm compared to children born full-term with diagnoses of ADHD. We will use data previously obtained from behavioral rating questionnaires on specific domains of executive function for both of these groups during a clinical neuropsychological assessment. We will examine group differences via a series of independent groups t-tests, and assess potential predictors of groups status via a bivariate logistic regression. 


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