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Evaluation and Development of the IIAM (Important Information About Me) iPad App

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In 2011 a multidisciplinary group at Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins created IIAM (Important Information About Me) as a "voice" for those who cannot "speak”.IIAM is an innovative and comprehensive iPad App under ongoing development to empower children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. We recognize that children, adolescents and adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities often have complex medical histories and long-term care needs that are difficult to share with others due to challenges in communication, cognition and/or motor function, as well as the time constraints in a fast moving society.

Households often rely on their memory, loose papers or 3-ringed binders to manage family health records. Both in breadth and scope, IIAM is the only iPad app equipping the disability world with the tools to communicate who they are and their individual needs. We initially created IIAM as a paper booklet version in 2012.

Due to popular demand for an electronic version, we secured KKI in-house funding to develop a prototype iPad App for the disability world. We have a goal to launch the app on the Apple store on January 1st, 2015. We developed an anonymous and voluntary online survey (via Qualtrics) for App downloaders to evaluate their initial impression and user experience. The initial survey is programmed to appear after the second time the user opens the App.

The second survey is programmed to appear after the tenth time the user opens the App or two months after download. Both surveys are conducted through Qualtrics and are 100% optional. The responses are completely anonymous and we do not ask for any identifying information.

Kennedy Krieger Institute Announces Retirement of President and CEO

Dr. Gary W. GoldsteinThe Institute’s board of directors is conducting a national search and is expected to name a new CEO in the coming months.
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