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Creating a Pediatric Imaging-Genomics Data Resource

Principal Investigator:

Along with investigators at 8 other sites across the U.S., we will assemble a large, cross-sectional imaging-genomics dataset. The major aim of our proposal is to create a database that is essentially a map depicting the genomic landscape of the developing human brain that can be used as a resource to the scientific community. This dataset would fill a significant gap that currently prevents description of gene and gene-by-age effects on neural architecture in children that are likely to be relevant to variability in behavioral and neuropsychiatric outcomes.

We will administer the brief NIH Neuroscience Blueprint Toolbox Cognitive assessment, acquire standardized structural and diffusion images, and collect DNA samples in children and adolescents. An aggregate database of de-identified demographic, behavioral, imaging, and genomics deliverables will be compiled from individuals and maintained for shared access. Such an imaging-genetics resource will be unique and will accelerate the investigation of genetic risk factors and gene-by-environment interactions that contribute to the pathogenesis of behavioral, neurological, psychiatric, and substance use disorders.

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If you or someone you know is interested in participating in this research study, please download this informational flyer.

Kennedy Krieger Institute Announces Retirement of President and CEO

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