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Construct and Predictive Validity of the Capute Scales

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Primary care physicians (PCPs) are often presented with the responsibility of early identification of developmental delay and other types of disorders, due to their early and ongoing contact with children (Voight et al., 2003). For children born prematurely, early identification is especially important because they are at greater risk (Johnson & Marlow, 2006). In fact, data suggest a higher incidence of Neurodevelopmental disability in infants born prematurely when compared to full-term infants (Allen, 2002). 

Because PCPs are not trained to administer many standardized psychological instruments, they need access to screening tools that demonstrate good reliability and validity to accurately and efficiently identify children. Currently, one measure that is being used by physicians is the Capute Scales (Accardo & Capute, 2005), which is designed to screen the cognitive development of children who are 36 months of age or younger. The Capute Scales afford a measure of language skills and nonverbal problem-solving skills. 

It also is important to assess adaptive behavior, social-emotional development, and communication. Parent-report rating scales may be coupled with the Capute Scales to obtain this information, which will help guide a diagnosis, as well as help to differentiate diagnoses. However, it is necessary to determine the predictive validity, as well as the construct validity, among these measures. 

The purpose of this research project is to answer the following questions: (1) What is the predictive validity of the Capute Scales and the Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Second Edition (Vineland–II), the Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 1½ – 5, (CBCL), and the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function, Preschool Version (BRIEF–P)? (2) What is the construct validity of the Capute Scales and the Vineland–II, CBCL, and BRIEF–P? and (3) What is the test-retest reliability of the Capute Scales.

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