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Comparison of Executive and Adaptive Skills in Individuals Diagnosed with Brain Tumor versus ADHD

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Neuropsychological assessment and screening is a useful means of identifying cognitive deficits in children and adolescents. Expansion of availability of instruments has now permitted an examination of how these deficits impact "real world" functioning of the individual. Measures of "real world" functioning can be measured by way of parent report of practical, social, self-care, and domestic abilities (i.e., "adaptive functioning").

The proposed study will examine functional implications of cognitive, medical, and behavioral findings identified in neuropsychological assessment involving a sample of individuals diagnosed with a brain tumor compared to individuals diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This study would utilize data from the Department of Neuropsychology's clinical database to examine adaptive outcome using multi-trait, multi-method data collected in the course of routine clinical assessments.

This study will be conducted using retrospective and prospective review of data already collected as part of routine clinical care.

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