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Addressing Sleep Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at Multidisciplinary Autism Centers

Principal Investigator:

Sleep problems are highly prevalent among children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), particularly insomnia. Pediatric sleep problems are often overlooked in typically-developing children. It is unknown how often they are addressed in children with ASD. This project is a retrospective review of existing de-identified cross-sectional data involving both parent and clinician questionnaires. This de-identified data exists both in a database based at Kennedy Krieger Institute, and also as part of the larger de-identified database collected by the Autism Treatment Network (ATN), a multisite collaborative that has now collected information on associated medical conditions among thousands of children with documented ASD.

Goals of this project are as follows:

  1. To examine how often children with both ASD and parent-reported sleep problems had their sleep related concerns addressed by their medical provider at outpatient pediatric autism clinics.
  2. To test for associations between factors including specific sleep related problems and the likelihood that physicians address parent reported sleep problems.

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