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Center for Neurodevelopmental Imaging and Research: Publications

2011 - 2013:

Ranta ME, Chen M, Crocetti D, Prince JL, Subramaniam K, Fischl B, Kaufmann WE, Mostofsky SH. Automated MRI parcellation of the frontal lobe. Hum Brain Mapp (in press).

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2006 - 2010:

Mahone EM, Crocetti D, Ranta ME, Gaddis A, Cataldo M, Slifer KJ, Denckla MB, Mostofsky SHA preliminary neuroimaging study of preschool children with ADHD. Trends in Clinical Neuropsychology 2011; 25, 1009-25.

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2001 - 2005:

Jansiewicz E, Denckla MB, Newschaffer CJ, Mostofsky SHImpaired habituation in children with ADHDCognitive and Behavioral Neurology 2004; 17, 1-8.

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1998 - 2000:

Mostofsky SH, Goldberg MC, Landa RJ, Denckla MB. Evidence for a deficit in procedural learning in children and adolescents with autism: Implications for cerebellar contribution. J Internat Neuropsychol  Soc 2000; 6:752-759.

Mostofsky SH, Green JT, Meginley M, Christensen JR, Woodruff-Pak DS. Conditioned eyeblink response in adolescent identical twins with ataxia-telangiectasia compared with identical twin control participantsNeurocase 1999; 5:425-433.

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