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IDDRC Translational Neuroscience Core Supported Studies and Investigators

The Translational Neuroscience Core has historically supported approximately 20-30 projects annually. In recent years, the greatest demand has been for the M2-Apotome Microscope and Axiovision Image Analysis system, which is capable of providing investigators with confocal-like images. Currently, the Core supports the following projects and investigators.

2017 IDDRC Support Projects: Translational Neuroscience Core

    B C D E F
Grant Number and Title Translational Genetics Neuroscience Neuroimaging Behavior
    1 3 28 10 2
Baumgartner, William R01 HL091541: Excitotoxicity in circulatory arrest-brain injury     X    
Blue, Mary/Kanna, Sujatha R21 NS100085: Dendrimer Therapies for Treatment of Rett Syndrome     X X  
Burd, Irina K08 HD073315: IL-1β Regulation of Perinatal Brain Injury     X X  
Fatemi, S. Ali K08 NS063956: Study of White Matter Development in a Rodent Model of Perinatal Brain Injury     X X  
Fatemi, S. Ali Brian’s Hope Foundation: Nanodendrimer-Based Targeted Delivery of the N-Acetylcysteine for Adrenoleukodystrophy: A Pilot Study to Determine Feasibility of Clinical Translation     X    

Hardwick, JM

R01 NS083373: Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration      X    

Jonas, Richard

R01 HL104173: Protection of developing white matter during cardiac surgery      X X  

Kadam, Shilpa

R21 HD073105: Neonatal Ischemic Seizures: Age and Gender Susceptibility to Refractoriness     X    

Kannan, Sujatha

R01 MH073967: Longitudinal Assessment of Manic Symptoms      X X  
Kannan, Sujatha R01 NS093416: Targeting Glutamate Carboxypeptidase in Perinatal Brain Injury     X X  
Laterra, John R01 NS076759: Suppression of Glioblastoma Stem Cells by Kruppel-Like Factor 9     X    
Laterra, John R01 NS096754: Chromatin Modifications in GBM-Propagating Cells     X X  
Li, Rongfeng R35 GM 118172: Cellular Dynamics in Division, Motility, and Evolutionary Adaptation     X    
Maegawa, Gustavo R21 NS071535: A HTS assay to identify molecular probes for arylsulfatase A      X    
Naidu, Sakkubai R01 FD004247: PH2 Study of dextromethorpan in the treatment of Rett syndrome X X X   X
Northington, Frances R01 HD070996: Mechanisms of hypothermic neuroprotection in neonates     X X  
Pelled, Galit R01 NS072171: The role of transcallosal pathway to neuroplasticity following nerve injury     X    
Pelled, Galit/Gilad, Assaf R01 NS079288: Adaptive control of epileptic seizures using a genetically encoded sensor     X X  
Reeves, Roger R01 HD038384: Genomic Approaches to
Scafidi, Susanna K08 NS069815: Metabolic dysfunction and neuroprotection after pediatric head injury      X    
Song, Xiaolei R21EB020905: In Vivo Molecular MR
Imaging of Inflammation Using NSAIDs as
Vernon, Hilary K08HD073492: Metabolic studies in disorders of branch chain amino acid metabolism   X X    
Wagner, Kathryn U54 HD060848: Biomarkers for Therapy of FSHD     X    
Watkins, Paul R21NS091988: Drug Discovery for X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy    X X    
Xia, Shuli R01NS091165: Methyl-CpG-Dependent
Transcription Factor Function in Human
    X X X
Yau, King-Wai R01EY014596: Melanopsin Photoreception and Signaling     X    
Zhou, Jinyuan R21 EB015555: Molecular MRI of radiation necrosis in preclinical models     X