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IDDRC Translational Neuroscience Core Supported Studies and Investigators

The Translational Neuroscience Core has historically supported approximately 20-30 projects annually. In recent years, the greatest demand has been for the M2-Apotome Microscope and Axiovision Image Analysis system, which is capable of providing investigators with confocal-like images. Currently, the Core supports the following projects and investigators.

Translational Neuroscience Core

Baumgartner R01HL091541, Excitotoxicity in circulatory arrest-brain injury
Burd K08HD073315, IL-1β regulation of perinatal brain injury
Fatemi K08 NS063956, Study of White Matter Development in a Rodent Model of Perinatal Brain Injury
Fatemi Brian’s Hope Foundation, Nanodendrimer-based targeted delivery of the N-acetylcysteine for adrenoleukodystrophy – a pilot study to determine feasibility of clinical translation
Hardwick R01NS083373, Mechanisms of neurodegeneration 


R01HL104173, Protection of developing white matter during cardiac surgery 
Kadam R21HD073105, Neonatal ischemic seizures: Age and gender suspectibility to refractoriness


R01 HD069562, Mechanisms and novel therapy in intrauterine inflammation induced brain injury


R01CA95704, Mechanisms of chemo/radioresistance in human gliomas 
Laterra R01CA129192, Neutralizing Anti-HGF mAbs and CNS malignancy 
Maegawa R21NS071535, A HTS assay to identify molecular probes for arylsulfatase A 
Marsh-Armstrong R01EY10157592, Optic Nerve Synucleinopathy in Glaucoma and the Function of gamma-Synuclein
Naidu R01FD004247, PH2 Study of Dextromethorpan in the treatment of Rett Syndrome
Northington R01HD070996, Mechanisms of hypothermic neuroprotection in neonates
Pelled R01NS072171, The role of transcallosal pathway to neuroplasticity following nerve injury
Pelled/Gilad R01NS079288, Adaptive control of epileptic seizures using a genetically encoded sensor
Scafidi K01NS069815, Metabolic dysfunction and neuroprotection after pediatric head injury 
Song R21EB020905, In vivo molecular MR imaging of inflammation using NSAIDs as CEST
Vernon K08HD073492, Metabolic studies in disorders of branch chain amino acid metabolism
Wagner U54 HD060848, Biomarkers for Therapy of FSHD
Watkins R21NS091988, Drug discovery for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy 
Wilson U54HD079123, Research Component (IDDRC)
Yau R01EY014596, Melanopsin photoreception and signaling
Xia R01NS091165, Methyl-CpG-dependent transcription factor function in human gliomas
Zhou R21 EB015555, Molecular MRI of radiation necrosis in preclinical models