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IDDRC Studies Projected for Support by Individual IDDRC Cores

Genetics Core
The Genetics Core supports research focused on the role genetic factors play in atypical physical, cognitive and/or behavioral development.  Supported research focuses on etiology, natural history and prognosis of a variety of conditions associated with developmental delay, neuropsychiatric disorders affecting children, and behavioral and physical features of developmental disabilities. Studies & Investigators >

Translational Neuroscience Core
The Translational Neuroscience Core has historically supported approximately 30 -40 projects annually. In recent years, the greatest demand has been for the M2-Apotome Microscope and Axiovision Image Analysis system, which is capable of providing investigators with confocal-like images. Currently, the Core supports the following projects and investigators. Studies & Investigators >

Neuroimaging Core
The Neuroimaging Core supports approximately 20 projects annually, all with clear relevance to furthering our understanding of developmental disabilities. The diversity of these studies is illustrated in the list of projects currently supported. Studies & Investigators >

Behavior Science Core
Hundreds of projects have been supported over the history of this Core. Given the resources currently available, the Core has been supporting approximately 25-30 projects annually. Studies & Investigators >