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IDDRC Neuroimaging Core Supported Studies and Investigators

The Neuroimaging Core supports approximately 20-30 projects annually, all with clear relevance to furthering our understanding of developmental disabilities. The diversity of these studies is illustrated in the list of projects currently supported.

2017 IDDRC Support Projects: Neuroimaging Core

    B C D E F
Grant Number and Title Translational Genetics Neuroscience Neuroimaging Behavior
    3 1 10 36 15
Aggarwal, Manisha R21NS096249-01A1: Oscillating Gradient Diffusion MRI and Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping in the Epileptogenic Brain       X  
Blue, Mary/Kanna, Sujatha R21 NS100085: Dendrimer Therapies for Treatment of Rett Syndrome     X X  
Burd, Irina K08 HD073315: IL-1β Regulation of Perinatal Brain Injury     X X  
Cheng, Dominic K01 AA020873: Neuroimaging of Eyeblink Conditioning in Subjects with Alcohol Use Disorders       X  
Edden, Richard R21 MH098228: Dysfunction of sensory
inhibition in Autism
      X X

Edden, Richard

R01MH106564: Somatosensory Inhibitory Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder       X  

Everett, Allen

R01 HD68446: GFAP Biomarker of Whole Body Cooling Outcome and Efficacy in the Neonate with HIE X     X  

Fatemi, S. Ali

K08 NS063956: Study of White Matter Development in a Rodent Model of Perinatal Brain Injury     X X  

Findling, Robert

R01 MH073967: Longitudinal Assessment of Manic Symptoms  X     X  
Frazier, Jean R01 MH083320: A knowledge environment
for neuroimaging in child psychiatry
Jonas, Richard R01 HL104173: Protection of developing white matter during cardiac surgery      X X  
Kannan, Sujatha R01 HD069562: Mechanisms and Novel Therapy in Intrauterine Inflammation Induced Brain Injury     X X  
Kannan, Sujatha R01 NS093416: Targeting Glutamate Carboxypeptidase in Perinatal Brain Injury     X X  
Laterra, John R01 NS096754: Chromatin Modifications in GBM-Propagating Cells     X X  
Lin, Doris UL1-TR001079 (NBRU): Noninvasive imaging and functional correlation of intracranial pial angiomatosis (SWS)       X  
Mahone, E. Mark R01 HD068425: Development of ADHD in Preschool Children: Neuroimaging and Behavioral Correlates        X X
Mahone, E. Mark UL1-TR001079 (NBRU): Neuroimaging of Motor Stereotypies in Children with and without Autism       X X
Miller, Michael R01 EB020062:  Neurogenerative and Neurodevelopmental Subcortical Shape Diffeomorphometry       X X
Moler, Frank U01 HL094345: Therapeutic Hypothermia After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest: A Randomized Controlled Trial (THAPCA)       X X
Mostofsky, Stewart UL1-TR001079 (NBRU): Tourette syndrome neuroimaging consortium pilot       X X
Mostofsky, Stewart R01 MH078160: 1/2 Anamalous Motor Physiology in ADHD       X X
Mostofsky, Stewart R01 MH085328: Adolescent Changes in Brain and Behavior in Boys and Girls with ADHD of deficient response control in ADHD       X X
Mostofsky, Stewart/Gilbert, Daniel R01 NS096207: GABAergic Sensorimotor Dysfunction in Tourette Syndrome       X X
Nebel, Mary Beth K01MH109766: Visual-Motor Development in Infants at High Risk for Autism       X  
Northington, Frances R01 HD070996: Mechanisms of hypothermic neuroprotection in neonates     X X  
Pelled, Galit/Gilad, Assaf R01 NS079288: Adaptive control of epileptic seizures using a genetically encoded sensor     X X  
Pritchard, Alison R03 EB023359: Role of Peripheral and Brain Iron in the Development of Attention and Cognitive Control       X X
Puts, Nicholaas K99 MH107719: A Multimodal Investigation of Inhibitory Dysfunction in Autism Spectrum Disorder       X  
Rosch, Keri K23 MH101322: Delay discounting in Children with ADHD: Neuroimaging and Behavioral Correlates       X X
Schupf, Nicole/Lott, Ira/Silverman, Wayne U01 AG051412: Biomarkers of Alzheimer’s
disease in adults with Down syndrome
X X   X X
Seymour, Karen K23 MH107734:  Neurobehavioral correlates
of frustration in ADHD
      X X
Suskauer, Stacy R21HD080378: Somatosensory processing-assessing youth sport-related concussion and recovery       X X
Wilson, Mary Ann U54HD079123: IDDRC Research Component (6271): Multi-modal Treatment for Neonatal HIE: Hypothermia and Dendrimer Nanotherapy     X X X
Wu, Dan R21NS098018: In-Utero Characterization of Embryonic Mouse Brain Development and Injury with MRI       X  
Zhang, Jiangyang R01HD074593: Imaging neonatal hypoxic
ischemic injury
Zhang, Jiangyanh R01NS070909: Mapping gene expression in
the developing mouse brain