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IDDRC Clinical Translational Core Faculty

Michael V. Johnston, M.D.: Dr. Johnston is the Core’s Director. He is a professor of neurology and pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSOM) and the Chief Medical Officer of the Kennedy Krieger Institute (KKI). He also directs KKI’s Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), a program that manages a variety of industry and NIH sponsored clinical trials. His career has spanned both laboratory and clinical research related to neurodevelopmental disorders and he has headed an active laboratory focused on neuroprotection for brain injury caused by asphyxia and related conditions.

Robert L. Findling, M.D.: Dr. Findling is a Core Co-Director. He is the Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the JHUSOM. He has extensive experience with the conduct of clinical trials for children with a variety of developmental and psychiatric disorders. Dr. Findling brings tremendous expertise in evaluation and care of a variety of behavioral disorders to our center, along with his credentials as a trialist.

Wayne Silverman, Ph.D.: Dr. Silverman is a Core Co-Director (as well as the Co-Director of the overall IDDRC). He is an internationally recognized expert in research focused on intellectual disability. Dr. Silverman brings to the Core expertise in protocol design and statistical analysis as well as ”Human Subjects” research, having been a member of a Johns Hopkins IRB for many years and having supervised KKI’s pre-IRB review process.

Tanjala Gipson, M.D.: Dr. Gipson is a Core Co-investigator and specialist in pediatric neurology and neurodevelopmental disabilities, currently appointed as an Instructor in JHUSOM’s Department of Neurology. She is the leader of the clinical trials team of coordinators and Director of the KKI Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC) Clinical Center and is responsible for coordinating Core activities. 

Roberta Babbitt, Ph.D.: Dr. Babbitt is a Core co-investigator with particular expertise in all aspects of the JHUSOM’s IRB system, including the writing of protocols involving clinical trials and “greater than minimal risk” research with children and individuals lacking capacity to provide their own informed consent.  She heads up support for IRB pre-review and assist investigators in obtaining timely IRB approval, working closely with Dr. Silverman.

Karen Bandeen-Roche, Ph.D.: Dr. Bandeen-Roche is the Hurley-Dorrier Chair of Biostatistics in the Bloomberg School of Public Health and serves as the Co-Director of the Core’s Biostatistics unit. She is an expert in statistical methods for longitudinal and time-to-event analysis as well as for complex measurement, including the development of latent variable models to describe outcomes in studies of developmental disorders, assess their internal validity, and evaluate the degree to which hypothesized theoretical determinants affect targeted outcomes. Additionally Dr. Bandeen-Roche brings to the Core extensive experience in population research.

Gayane Yenokyan, Ph.D.: Dr. Yenokyan is an Assistant Scientist in the Johns Hopkins Biostatistics Center of the School of Public Health and a Core co-investigator. She is both a statistician and epidemiologist and serves as the first point of referral when “sophisticated” approaches to data analysis are required. With Drs. Bandeen-Roche and Silverman, she ensures optimal use of the Core resources.