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Leadership Development Program

Leadership development is a key didactic component of the fellowship. This component of the training will involve direct instruction in the personal qualities of successful leaders, and how to foster and develop leaders within one’s own school system. Leadership skills in research, personnel administration, and financial and fiscal management are central features of the leadership core.

The Center for Innovation and Leadership in Special Education (CILSE) collaborates with Towson University, the largest producer of licensed teachers in the state of Maryland, to provide fellows with the coursework necessary for Administrator I licensure. Through online coursework and opportunities to communicate and collaborate with Towson University faculty, CILSE fellows explore research and best-practices in education leadership.

In addition, CILSE fellows in the second phase of their fellowship year have served as adjunct instructors in the Department of Special Education at Towson University. Former fellows have also collaborated with Towson faculty to implement professional development projects within the public schools and facilitated teacher professional development conferences hosted by Towson University.

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What Leaders In The Field Are Saying About the Center

"This program thoughtfully brings together cutting edge partners that together will create a high-caliber, hands-on environment for learning. Those that complete the program will be sought after by many school systems for leadership positions in special education."
Kim Lewis, EdD