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Didactic Experiences

During the first six months (July through December), approximately 25 percent of the fellow’s time is spent in didactic activities, which include a wide range of seminars and rounds, both at Kennedy Krieger Institute and through The Johns Hopkins University.

During the second six months (January through June), fellows spend approximately 10 percent of their time in didactic activities. As part of their education, fellows will also have weekly individual meetings with their primary mentor, weekly seminars led by Dr. Grasmick, and weekly seminars with affiliated faculty selected to provide additional mentorship. Examples of weekly didactic activities at Kennedy Krieger Institute (except as noted) are listed below:


  • Case Conference, Developmental Neuroscience (Dr. Mahone)
  • Neuropsychology Seminar (Dr. Slomine)
  • Research/Reading/Towson course work


  • Core Course in Developmental Disabilities (Dr. Shapiro)
  • Ethics Rounds (monthly)
  • Kennedy Krieger Institute Grand Rounds (monthly)
  • Case Conference, NBU (Dr. Schmidt)
  • LEND Core Course
  • Practical (Dr. Smith)


  • Case Conference, Neuropsychology Executive Function Clinic (Dr. Jacobson)
    Practical (Dr. Schmidt)
    Research/Reading/Towson course work

    Case Conference, Neuropsychology Executive Function Clinic (Dr. Jacobson)

  • Practical (Dr. Schmidt)
  • Research/Reading/Towson course work


  • Weekly Meetings (Drs. Denckla and Grasmick)
  • Case Conference (Dr. Schmidt)
  • Practical (Maureen van Stone)


  • Journal Club (Dr. Schmidt)
  • Weekly Meeting (Dr. Mahone)
  • Practical (Dr. Jacobson)
  • Research/reading/Towson course work

In addition to these weekly didactic experiences, the fellow will also be afforded the opportunity to participate in the following annual conferences and lecture series held at the Kennedy Krieger Institute:

  • Kennedy Krieger Institute Annual Conference on Autism
  • Kennedy Krieger Institute Neuropsychology Research Forum
  • Spectrum of Developmental Disabilities Conference
  • Kennedy Krieger Institute Susan Harryman Lecture
  • JHU Berman Institute Bioethics Seminars
  • Advanced courses in Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and data management
  • JHUSPH Summer Clinical Research Series
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center Lecture Series and annual regional conference
  • JHU School of Medicine Course on Research Ethics

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"This program thoughtfully brings together cutting edge partners that together will create a high-caliber, hands-on environment for learning. Those that complete the program will be sought after by many school systems for leadership positions in special education."
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