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Fellowship Structure

The fellowship is full-time and lasts one calendar year. The program begins July 1 each year.

For the first six months (July through December), fellows will be exposed to content from four primary areas, and will have intensive didactics, mentoring, and supervision in each of the four core content areas.

During the second six months (January through June), fellows will continue work in each of the four major content areas (25 percent of time), and will continue didactic and elective experiences described below (25 percent of time), but will also add two primary practical components to the training (50 percent of time), including:

  • Internship placement in partnering schools (e.g., Kennedy Krieger School Programs, Baltimore City, Baltimore County) to include inclusion settings, public special education schools, and non-public school. During the internship, elements from the leadership program, including research projects, will be put into practice under the supervision of a senior site supervisor, with concurrent mentorship (via weekly seminar) with Dr. Grasmick.  
  • Outreach programs will ultimately be developed and implemented in the home school system upon placement after the fellowship. Faculty from the Kennedy Krieger Institute fellowship program will have responsibility for developing ongoing outreach programs to partnering school systems. The fellows will work with the faculty members in preparing the training programs, observe the mentor during one or more outreach lectures, and then take responsibility for implementing the lectures in partnering schools during the fellowship and after placement. Ultimately, the fellow will be a “trainer of trainers” and will be able to take this outreach to additional participating schools. 


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What Leaders In The Field Are Saying About the Center

"This program thoughtfully brings together cutting edge partners that together will create a high-caliber, hands-on environment for learning. Those that complete the program will be sought after by many school systems for leadership positions in special education."
Kim Lewis, EdD