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Training Disciplines

As one of the leading facilities in the country that provides evaluations and rehabilitation services to children with brain-related injuries, Kennedy Krieger Institute is dedicated to using its resources to help increase the number of qualified specialists in the United States and abroad. Every year, more than 400 people, from all academic levels, come to train with renowned experts from a wide variety of disciplines including:

  • audiology
  • education
  • genetics
  • health administration
  • nursing
  • nutrition
  • occupational
  • physical therapy
  • pediatric rehabilitation medicine
  • pediatrics
  • psychiatry
  • psychology (behavioral and neuropsychology)
  • social work
  • speech language pathology
  • spinal cord injury

The goals of the Institute’s clinical training programs are twofold: 1) to train leaders in the field of neurodevelopmental disabilities and 2) to help ensure that there is a sufficient number of qualified professionals to meet the needs of children with special health care needs and their families. In addition to clinical training, the Kennedy Krieger Institute provides research training from undergraduate to post graduate levels and training to those who are already in the field.