Program Spotlights

Courtney McGrath • January 07, 2004
Daycare Fills Gap in Services for Children with Special Medical Needs
Children at World of Care

For parents of children with special medical needs, returning to the workforce is often a necessity, not an option. They need the income and health benefits a job provides. But finding quality childcare can be nearly impossible. 

Julie Lincoln • September 02, 2003
Kennedy Krieger Institute Designated As One of Eight Comprehensive Research Centers in Country
Dr. Rebecca Landa

In a major announcement, the National Institutes of Health has awarded Kennedy Krieger Institute a five-year, $7.7 million grant to become a national center devoted to autism research, focusing on neurobiologic origins of autism, as well as early detection and intervention.

Sande Riesett • January 18, 2003
Kennedy Krieger's Pediatric Psychology Program Helps Calm Children's Fears of Medical Procedures by Teaching Them What to Expect, What to Do, and How to Relax
Sam Spring

Last year, 5-year-old Samuel Spring came to Kennedy Krieger Institute for evaluation of autism. The genetic and metabolic tests he was to undergo required giving a blood sample. When the nurse tried to tie the tourniquet around his arm in preparation for the needle stick, Sam began to cry and break away.