Letter from Our President - Summer 2014

August 01, 2014
Dr. Gary Goldstein

Every day, we strive to improve the lives of children and their families through pioneering research, world-class patient care, special education, and community initiatives. And we are committed to spreading our knowledge to help children around the world through professional training. Unless you have experienced it firsthand, you may not realize the critical need the Institute fills for children with special healthcare needs. For many families, Kennedy Krieger provides the answers they have long been searching for.

As Megan Miceli’s family knows, Kennedy Krieger is home to doctors with the expertise to care for even the most rare and complex conditions. Only a handful of others with Megan’s genetic disorder have been reported in the world. When the Micelis moved hundreds of miles away, doctors didn’t know how to care for her, and Megan’s health declined. Fortunately, her father received a compassionate military reassignment to Baltimore so Megan can once again receive the expert care she needs from Kennedy Krieger.

The Schneider family from New York has a top-notch behavioral team to help care for their son Jamie, who has severe autism, but when they noticed his troubling and
out-of-character behavior, they turned to Kennedy Krieger. Our experts diagnosed catatonia, which was quickly treated. Now, Jamie is back doing what he loves best—running.

And for fifteen-year-old Kokayi Thomas, Kennedy Krieger offered the right combination of motivational therapists and evidence-based rehabilitation therapies to help get his life back after a brain tumor.

We are proud to offer the care that has helped unlock the potential of so many children and young adults, enabling them to live productive, purposeful lives.

Gary W. Goldstein, MD