In My Own Words: Sashay Duckett

June 19, 2012
Never say you can't--because you can.
Sashay Duckett

When I started at Kennedy Krieger Middle School, I was very frustrated and angry because I did not think I needed to be here. Slowly, though, I began to see that Kennedy Krieger was the right school for me. But it took time. Today I realize that I needed to be here to get the education I needed, because I might not have done as well anywhere else. Knowing this makes it easy for me to go to school and even easier to do what I have to in order to have a successful future.

Now that I'm in high school, I really enjoy some of my classes, like Young Marines and Hospitality, which have taught me important things I needed to learn in order to be successful. I have grown so much over my years here. I have accomplished goals like managing my temper when I feel upset, ignoring negative behaviors demonstrated by others around me, and continuing on with my day. I've also used my experiences at Kennedy Krieger to help manage my life outside of school -- things like scheduling a doctor's appointment and working with others.

In school, teachers like 1st Sergeant Price Butler, Ms. Balladarsch, Mrs. Clary, and Mr. Ryland teach me skills like discipline, respect, problem solving, and daily living -- skills that will help prepare me for life after I graduate. One of the most important lessons I have learned in school is that you can do anything you want as long as you put your mind to it, and to never say you can't -- because you can.

I also feel like my school has given me the experiences I need to pursue my goal of one day becoming a police officer.

I never thought I would make it this far in life, but today my future is brighter thanks to Kennedy Krieger. I have more patience, the ability to work with different people, and a lot of educational experiences, thanks to Mr. Ryland, 1st Sergeant Price Butler, and the rest of the people at Kennedy Krieger. I want to thank everyone for supporting me and helping me make my future brighter. Kennedy Krieger Institute has changed my life.

Sashay Duckett is a student at Kennedy Krieger High School. Diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, she first joined Kennedy Krieger School Programs in 2004 as a middle school student.

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