Outpatient Medical Clinic

Spine Outpatient Program

In our outpatient clinic, physiatrists provide evaluations, periodic follow-ups, and medical management of chronic spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Our focus is to minimize and prevent medical complications that may impact your independence and recovery. Our medical team works closely with our therapists to help you achieve your medical and therapeutic goals, monitor your progress and any medical concerns that you might have.

Outpatient Therapy Program

Therapy sessions are conducted on an individual basis and focus on achieving the goals established between you, your physician, and your therapist. Our therapy program utilizes activity-based restorative therapy and specially designed rehabilitation equipment to help you realize your greatest potential. Upon discharge, you will receive an individualized, detailed home rehabilitation program to help you improve and maintain gains between your treatment sessions.

Your therapy treatment program may include both traditional land-based therapy, as well as aquatic ABRT, if appropriate.

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