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July 2017: Using the Internet to Find One-Handed Adaptations

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Thanks to social media, video streaming sites, and the internet in general, information about one-handed adaptions of everyday activities are easier to find than ever before.

A quick search for hairstyling tips led to a few especially clever ideas to share with all of you. These may be especially helpful for older kids and teens looking to become more independent with self-care and community living skills. Having trouble with tying that ponytail? Try searching YouTube for “one handed ponytail.” Tips include starting with a low ponytail and using the shoulder of your affected arm to stabilize the hair in the hairband while you twist it. Another tip is to use bobby pins to smooth and tack down bumps in the hair if your ponytail is a little lumpy.

Need another idea? Lean back over the edge of a sofa, gather your hair together, and then wrap a hair band around it. A lot of video contributors suggest strengthening your stronger hand and working on finger dexterity to improve your ability to manipulate the band around your hair using only one hand.

Up for something more creative? This person posted a video of herself braiding her hair and then putting it in a bun - all with one hand:

Figuring out ways to modify activities for your child with hemiplegia can be challenging. The next time you or your child is struggling to come up with a solution, be sure to check the internet – the answer you’re looking for may be right at your fingertips!

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