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Ideas for Wrapping Gifts with Kids

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December 2015

  • Bags with tissue paper are the easiest way to wrap oddly shaped or round items. 
  • Making their own wrapping paper, decorating paper bags or boxes are great ways to practice taking on and off marker caps and stabilizing the paper with their assisting hand while their dominant hand decorates.
  • When using wrapping paper, use one-handed scissors to cut wrapping paper or use pre-cut sheets of paper instead of rolls.
  • Place pre-cut tabs of tape on a table edge, use a wrist or hand-mounted tape dispenser on their assisting hand, or use a weighted tape dispenser on the tabletop.
  • Tape one side of the wrapping paper to the middle of the box, then roll the box over on the paper until all 4 sides are covered, and secure with another piece of tape. 


  • You can help by pre-creasing the paper at the corners for them.

  • Use the assisting hand to hold the box still while taping the two outer flaps on the side in to the middle.  Then tape the bottom flap up and the top flap down.  Again, you can help them with folding as needed.  Repeat on the final side of the box.



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