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We offer the following tests. To order a test, please click on the type of test. For questions about the any of the tests or ordering, please call 443-923-2788 or email us at

  • Amino Acid Profile (link to amino acid illustration (blue) and Contract research form)
  • Acylcarnitine Profile (link to acyl carnitine illustration (green) and Contract research form)
  • Organic Acid Profile (link to organic acid illustration (purple) and Contract research form)
  • TCA Cycle Profile (link to TCA cycle illustration (green) and Contract research form)
  • Total Lipid Fatty Acid Profile (link to Fatty acid illustration (multi colored) and Contract research form)
  • Cholesterol Biosynthesis Intermediates (link to Cholesterol illustration (orange) and Contract research form
    • 7-Dehydrocholesterol
    • Lathosterol
    • Desmosterol
  • Individual Metabolites (link to Contract research form)
    • N-acetyl-l-aspartic acid
    • Carnitine, free and total
    • Cholestanol
    • 8(9) Cholestenol
    • Guanidinoacetic Acid + Creatine
    • 3-Methylglutaconic acid
    • Methylmalonic acid
    • Mevalonate
    • Orotic Acid
    • Sitosterol

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As of May 1, 2017, we will no longer be offering peroxisomal testing in skin fibroblasts. We will continue to offer prenatal testing in cultured cells.

The laboratory was recently reaccredited by CAP. This accreditation extends through June 30, 2019.