Telemedicine for International Patients at the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center

AUGUST 6, 2015

ANNOUNCING: Telemedicine for International Patients at the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center

The first telemedicine consult offered by Dr. Comi to an international patient took place a few weeks ago and was a success. The patient and parents spoke with Dr. Comi, while being able to see each other. The family said this interaction proved valuable to them during the consultation.

Recently, the Kennedy Krieger Institute acquired state-of-the-art telemedicine facilities which has made this service possible. At this time, telemedicine through the Hunter Nelson Sturge-Weber Center is only available for international patients. Dr. Comi is unable to offer this telemedicine service to patients within the United States, because of state laws which require a physician to hold a medical license within the state the patient is living in to offer telemedicine services to them. This restriction does not apply to international patients. In order to request telemedicine service, individuals with Sturge-Weber syndrome or their guardians should contact Dr. Comi at (443) 923-9569 or (443) 923-9127.

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