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DECEMBER 5, 2016

Question: My child has Sturge-Weber syndrome and seems to have more trouble with migraines, seizures or strokes right around the holidays.  Why does this happen, and what can I do to prevent these issues?

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends. However, the holiday season can also involve changes in daily routine that can be disruptive for children. Unanticipated changes, such as trying new foods, eating and sleeping at irregular times, forgetting to take medications, and visiting unfamiliar climates, may cause stress and increase your child’s likelihood of experiencing migraines or seizures. Despite the difference in routine, it is important to pay attention to your child’s eating and sleeping schedule, avoid excessive time in crowds and extreme weather conditions, and ensure medications are properly administered.

Maintaining normalcy in these upcoming weeks will reduce your child’s risk of suffering from migraines, seizures, and strokes, allowing them to fully enjoy the holiday season.

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Dr. Comi's Updates

Dr. Comi announces research findings, posts important information, and answers questions of general interest to families living with Sturge-Weber syndrome. 


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