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DECEMBER 1, 2017

Question: What is the new mutlidisciplinary SWS clinic at the Kennedy Krieger Institute?

Kennedy Krieger’s new multidisciplinary SWS clinic will open its doors on Friday, December 1 and will continue to be open for appointments on the first Friday morning of every month. The clinic will consist of a specialized, interdisciplinary team of specialists, with each physician specializing in a specific aspect of SWS:

  • Neurology (Dr. Comi)
  • Medical Rehabilitation (Dr. Suskauer)
  • Neuropsychology (Dr. Zabel)
  • Occupational Therapy and Assessments (Teressa Reidy)

The team will collaborate to ensure each patient receives a customized and in-depth assessment of their neurodevelopmental needs and an individualized treatment plan. All patients will receive a customized treatment letter, which can be shared with other providers or taken to the emergency room if needed. 

Appointments are already being made and we are considering adding other specialties to this SWS clinic in the future.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Comi at comi@kennedykrieger.org or call Kelly Harmon at 443-923-9127.

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Dr. Comi's Updates

Dr. Comi announces research findings, posts important information, and answers questions of general interest to families living with Sturge-Weber syndrome. 


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