Success Stories

For the past 30 years, our team has taken great pride in helping children struggling with feeding disorders learn to eat better and share positive meal experiences with their family and caregivers. The value of the Feeding Program’s model is seen in the gains patients achieve before leaving the program:

  • 90 percent of patients meet their individual goals upon discharge from the program.toddler
  • More than half of the patients who arrive using feeding tubes reach at least a 75 percent reduction in tube dependence.
  • Parent satisfaction with the program averages 4.5 on a scale where 1 represents "least satisfied" and 5 represents "most satisfied."

Patient Stories:

The following are just a few of the stories of patients and families that our team has helped to write. We look forward to helping those in need write their own personal success stories.

Laura's Story

Lexi's Story

Additional Stories In the News:

Kennedy Krieger Feeding Disorders Program Featured on CNN.Story on Learning to Eat. View video...

"Appetite for Life" - Potential (Fall 2006) Kennedy Krieger's intensive inpatient program helps children battle severe feeding disorders. Read article...


For a complete overview of our Feeding Disorder Program, please visit the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program homepage.

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