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Welcome to Home Plate, a blog written by the Kennedy Krieger Institute's Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program.

Each month, we'll touch on a topic that relates to your child's meals, from picky eating and problem behavior to texture and table manners.

June 2018: Transitioning from Bottle to Cup

Many children become attached to their usual feeding routine and resist any changes to it. In this month's post, we discuss the transition from bottle to cup and different methods parents can use to help make their child's transitions as seamless as possible.

March 2018: Constipation - The Picky Eater's Plight

Jody Robyler, a nurse practitioner in the Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program at Kennedy Krieger, discusses the causes of constipation, how to tell if your child is constipated, and what to do if your child is experiencing constipation.

February 2018: Chewing the Fat with Our Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologists

Babies acquire feeding skills as they acquire other developmental skills that serve as the foundation of their eating habits for years to come. In this month's post, we discuss the typical development of oral motor skills and when you should consider consulting with a professional.

January 2018: Set Up for Success - Developing a Mealtime Routine

Establishing a consistent mealtime routine is key to ensuring your child enjoys mealtime. In this entry, behavioral feeding specialist Liz Masler offers tips for developing a more structured meal.

December 2017: Why Won't My Child Eat?

There are a variety of reasons why your child may refuse to eat. This month, we'll explore some of those reasons and explain why your child may be reluctant to dig in at dinner time.

November 2017: School Lunch: It's in the Bag

Do you struggle to think of foods to pack in your picky eater's lunch? We provide recommendations for packing a healthy lunch that your child will eat.

October 2017: Picking Your Battles with Picky Eaters

Is your child especially particular about the foods they eat? In this post, we discuss picky eating in children and provide tips on how to prevent mealtime battles.

September 2017: Join Us on a Feeding Journey

In our inaugural post, we discuss what a "normal" meal for a child looks like and offer some suggestions for how you can improve your child's eating habits.

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