OI:OI Symposium in Taiwan

05.21-22.2011 -- The Osteogenesis Imperfecta Symposium was held May 21-22 in Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Shapiro and Caden Brennen, the OI Registry Manager, were invited to speak at the symposium to share information on OI patient medical care and research progress in the U.S. Dr. Shapiro was introduced as a distinguished eminent OI expert from the U.S. During the symposium, Dr. Shapiro gave two presentations, one medical consultation clinic, and was a part of two panel discussions that were held to discuss medical concerns and questions directly with local OI patients and doctors. The presentation on the OI Registry was given by Caden Brennen. The response to this presentation was also very positive, and the potential for providing useful information to patients and their physicians was fully appreciated. The OI symposium was a great success and the Taiwan OI Association is looking forward to having future medical collaborations with the U.S.

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