OI:OI Registry Enhancements

09.05.2012 -- As the OI Registry members continue growing, two major enhancements have been added to the Registry:


  1. Brand New OI Registry Login page to make the site more user-friendly:
    a. Password retrieval system: Forgot your password? That's OK. Just click the "forget password" and fill out your OI Registryemail account. An email with the password will be sent to you shortly.
    b. OI Registry News and update section: Current news on the OI Registry will be posted in this section.
    c. OI Foundation logo and contact information: The OI Registry is a joint program between the OI Foundation and the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

  2. Chinese version of the OI Registry is now available: We are aware of the need to expand the OI Registry in order to satisfy the needs of OI researchers, doctors and patients from all over the world. By translating the questionnaire into Chinese, which is the most commonly spoken language in the world, we would be taking an important step forward in the continued development of the Registry and its value to the OI community. Physicians may take advantage of the Registry for the purpose of their research interests. To sign up for the Chinese version of the Registry, please go to the OI Registry login page for more information.

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