Patrick Rummerfield's Success Story

Patrick RummerfieldPatrick Rummerfield lives a life that can only be deemed miraculous. A 1974 car accident left Pat with little hope of survival. Today, this triathlete, race car driver and motivational speaker spends each day ensuring that he makes the most of his body’s renewed power. As the world’s first fully functional spinal cord injury quadraplegic, Pat is living proof that with the right combination of quality medical care, intensive physical therapy and personal will, recovery from devastating injuries is possible.

September 1974 -- A car accident leaves 21-year-old Patrick Rummerfield paralyzed from the neck down.

November 1977 -- After years of care and intensive therapy, Pat begins to walk and use his hands again.

October 1992 -- Pat completes the rigorous Ironman triathlon.

February 1997 -- Pat becomes one of 82 people to complete the Antarctica Marathon.

October 22 - 23, 1999 -- Pat sets the new FIA World electric vehicle land-speed record of 245.523 mph. The very next day he sets a new United States land-speed record of 251.322 mph.

November 2000 -- Pat receives the Gateway to a Cure "Human Spirit" Award recognizing his efforts on behalf of spinal cord injury research.

October 2004 -- Pat joins the International Spinal Cord Injury Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute, where he serves as a spokesman and fundraiser for the world’s first center dedicated to spinal cord injury and paralysis in children. He continues to advise Center Director Dr. John McDonald on developing effective therapies for others with paralysis.

May 15, 2006 -- World's First Fully Recovered Quadriplegic in Race Across Desert -- Kennedy Krieger patient advocate, Pat Rummerfield, runs to raise awareness for spinal cord injuries.

May 13, 2007 -- Pat Visits Wounded Soldiers in Germany -- Visiting wounded and injured soldiers as a motivational speaker provides experience Pat would never forget.