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Our ICSCI researchers and clinicians investigate and publish on various avenues of recovery, paralysis, and regeneration.

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Research Publications: 2009 - 2008

Regenberg A, Mathews DJ, Blass DM, Bok H, Coyle JT, Duggan P, Faden R, Finkel J, Gearhart JD, Hillis A, Hoke A, Johnson R, Johnston M, Kahn J, Kerr D, King P, Kurtaberg J, Liao SM, McDonald JW, McKhann G, Nelson KB, Rao M, Siegel AW, Smith K, Solter D, Song H, Sugarman J, Vescovi A, Young W,Greely HT & Traystman RJ. (2009). "The role of animal models in evaluating reasonable safety and efficacy for human trials of cell-based interventions forneurologic conditions". Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, 29(1), 1-9.

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Nandoe Tewarie RD, Hurtado A, Ritfeld GJ, Rahiem ST, Wendell DF, Barroso MM, Grotenhuis JA, Oudega M. (2009). "Bone marrow stromal cells elicit tissue sparing after acute but not delayed transplantation into the contused adult ratthoracic spinal cord". Journal of Neurotrauma, 26(12), 2313-22.

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Matthews DJ, Sugarman J, Bok H, Blass DM, Coyle JT, Duggan P, Finkel J, Greely HT, Hillis A, Hoke A, Johnson R, JohnstonM, Kahn J, Kerr D, Kurtzberg J, Liao SM, McDonald JW, McKhann G, Nelson KB, Rao M, Regenberg A, Siegel AW, Smith K, Solter D, Song H (2008). "Cell-based interventions for neurologic conditions: ethical challenges for early human trials". Neurology, 71(4), 288-93.

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