ADOPTION:Fee Schedule


Pre-adoption Services:

Payment required by check or credit card prior to evaluation of videotape or medical records. Please call (443) 923-9402 for instructions before sending any materials.

Videotape review for developmental assessment

(Videotape with or without medical information; includes

written report and 30 minute telephone consultation)



Review of medical information

(Medical documents/pictures only - no videotape; includes

written report and 30 minute telephone consultation)



Telephone consultation time in excess of 30 minutes

We offer the option of onsite consultation by appointment.



Post-adoption Services:

(Many insurance companies will reimburse these costs in whole or part. Please check with your individual insurance company.)

Initial comprehensive developmental assessment

(Additional $256 for older child requiring neurobehavioral testing)

Follow-up developmental appointment $540

Please note:

  1. Above prices are subject to change without notice.
  2. Your bill may be generated by either Kennedy Krieger Institute or John Hopkins Medicine.
  3. The above charges reflect physician fees only. Additional services such as laboratory work, immunizations, x-rays, or medications are billed separately.

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