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Our patients have inspiring stories to tell. Growing up and living with OI is certainly a difficult burden, often for the individual as well as for the family. The following individuals share the real issues they have had to deal with, how they handled them, as well as how they have resolved to live productively in spite of those obstacles.

Natalie Brosh


Natalie Brosh is a young patient of Dr. Shapiro who has been followed for a long time. The accounts below summarize her trials with OI as well as her achievements. 
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Timothy Roberts

timothy-roberts Growing up with OI was difficult. Although I was relatively independent and ambulatory, I fractured often. I wore braces/ used crutches and had bowed legs, all of which were a source of embarrassment in childhood. I could never run, invariably breaking my legs when I’d try to keep up with my friends. It was a very humbling experience, but one that fostered my interests in other hobbies like science, music and art. continue reading Tim's story

Other Stories

More profiles about individuals with OI may be found at the OI Foundation’s OI Stories page.

“If you are a patient of the OI Clinic and would like to contribute your story, please contact: 443-923-9180 or OIRegistryManager@kennedykrieger.org.

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