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For more information about how autism research conducted at Kennedy Krieger Institute's Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) is helping to advance the way physicians and other health care professionals treat and manage the disorder at both the local and national level, please click on the links listed below.

Autism News Highlights:

JUNE 30, 2016
ABC Nightlight: 'Life, Animated' Parents Describe How Movies Helped Son with Autism
Life Animated’ is a documentary on how one family used Disney movie dialogue to connect with their son who has autism. Dr. Rebecca Landa, Director of Center for Autism and Related Disorders, speaks about autism interventions.

JUNE 10, 2016 15 Tips for Moving When Your Child Has Autism
Deborah Crawford from the Center for Autism and Related Disorders shares tips to make an upcoming move go smoother.

APRIL 12, 2016
Scientific American: Autism Glass Takes Top Student Health Tech Prize
Dr. Rebecca Landa talks about how Google Glass helps children with autism recognize facial and social cues in real time.

APRIL 12, 2016 10 Things You Need to Know About Autism
Dr. Rebecca Landa shares ten facts about autism that may be new to parents.

APRIL 1, 2016
Baltimore's Child: Taking the Task Force to Task on Autism
Dr. Rebecca Landa discusses the importance of early autism screening.

MARCH 29, 2016 What We Know About Autism: Separating the Science From the Scandal
In this piece, Dr. Rebecca Landa discusses the benefits of early detection of autism.

FEBRUARY 16, 2016
NPR: Evidence Is Lacking On Universal Screening For Autism, Panel Says
Dr. Rebecca Landa talks to NPR about the importance of early autism screening.

DECEMBER 10, 2015
Today's Parent: Have Autism, Will Travel
Dr. Rebecca Landa authored this blog post about how to make traveling with a child with autism as easy and stress-free as possible.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015
Good Morning America: Kennedy Krieger Student Invited to White House, Meets Pope
Jake Edwards, a student at our Montgomery County school, had the opportunity to meet the Pope during his visit to Washington, D.C.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2015
The Washington Post: 5 Tips for Helping Your Child Learn To Be Inclusive
Joanna Sandusky, principal at our Montgomery County school, provides tips on how parents can talk to their children about their classmates with autism.

JUNE 12, 2014 Visual patterns provoke distinct responses in autism brains
Dr. Stewart Mostofsky discussed findings of a recent study published in Developmental Science. The study reveals that some chuldren with autism have trouble learning visual patterns, ​​while others employ a distinctive brain process to do so.

MAY 27, 2014
The Washington Post: Your child has autism. How (and when) do you tell him?
Amy Keefer, a clinical psychologist at Kennedy Krieger's Center for Autism and Related Disorders, provides input on how and when to talk to your child about their autism spectrum disorder.

APRIL 22, 2014
WJZ-TV: Kennedy Krieger Helps Break The Silence With Annual ROAR For Autism Fundraiser
A segment on WJZ-TV shares the story of a young patient receiving early autism intervention at the Center for Autism & Related Disorders. The story also highlights ROAR for Autism.

APRIL 10, 2014 Even 'baby sibs' without autism show delays in first year
Kennedy Krieger's Dr. Rebecca Landa is featured in this article about a study finding that more than 1/4 of younger siblings of children with autism who do not have the disorder themselves show developmental or behavioral delays at their first birthday.

FEBRUARY 2014 A Test for Autism Risk: Head Lag
Parents magazine posted a video on their website explaining Dr. Rebecca Landa's research finding that babies with head lag have a higher risk of autism or other social or communication delays.

NOVEMBER 10, 2013 Vision, motor areas of the brain out of sync in autism
Coverage of the 2013 Society for Neuroscience's annual meeting features research from our own Dr. Stewart Mostofsky, who presented a poster on work showing that parts of the brain that process vision and control movements are poorly connected in children with autism.

MAY 29, 2013
NBC Washington: Autism Screenings for Infants
Washington DC's NBC affiliate aired a segment on our Center for Autism's initiative to provide free developmental assessments to baby siblings most at risk of developing autism.

APRIL 16, 2013 Autism: What we know right now shares the latest autism findings including expert commentary from our own Dr. Rebecca Landa on early detection and intervention.

APRIL 5, 2013
The Baltimore Sun: Kennedy Krieger doctor and Mary Beth Marsden contribute to book about raising kids with autism
An article shares news of the launch of Kennedy Krieger's pilot initiative to provide free developmental assessments for baby siblings of kids with autism.

MARCH 2013
Select coverage of research that found a greater number of children with autism and severe language delay ultimately acquire more language that was previously thought.
Various Publications:​​​

Select coverage of research from our Interactive Autism Network on the impact of bullying on the well-being of children with autism
Various Publications:

DECEMBER 7, 2012
U.S. News & World Report: Kids With Autism Common Users of ERs, Study Says
Article based on a study by Dr. Roma Vasa, child psychiatrist at CARD.

NOVEMBER 29, 2012 Long-term studies chart autism’s different trajectories
An article highlights recent research findings from Dr. Rebecca Landa on how autism first emerges in very young children.

U.S. News & World Report: Autism Tough to Spot Before 6 Months of Age, Study Suggests
Dr. Rebecca Landa's finding that there are different developmental patterns in the emergence of autism and not all children display signs at the same age.

Select coverage of the IAN Project's survey results finding that children with autism are three times more likely to be bullied than their unaffected siblingsVarious Publications:​​​

MAY 8, 2012
The Wall Street Journal: Targeting Child's Play to Help Tackle Autism
The Wall Street Journal prominently features our Center for Autism's early intervention programs and the research of Dr. Rebecca Landa.

MAY 2012
Select coverage of Dr. Rebecca Landa's research finding that a simple pull-to-sit task at six months of age may predict risk of autism
Various Publications:​​​

MARCH 29, 2012
CBS News: Autism detected later in minority children: Study
The articles quote our own Dr. Rebecca Landa and the mother of a Kennedy Krieger patient.​​​

APRIL 2011
The New York Times: Autism Series
The New York Times published an online health series focused on autism. Dr. Rebecca Landa is included in the articles, as one of only a few featured experts.​​​

Kennedy Krieger Autism Research Updates:

Kennedy Krieger Institute Joins Launch of SPARK, Nation's Largest Autism Research Study
(Press Release: April 21, 2016)
Groundbreaking initiative combines web-based registry with DNA analysis to accelerate autism research and speed discovery of treatments, supports.

Kennedy Krieger’s Interactive Autism Network Names New Director
(Press Release: February 2, 2014)
Dr. Paul Lipkin to lead national online autism registry and research enterprise.

Speech Emerges In Children On The Autism Spectrum With Severe Language Delay At Greater Rate Than Previously Thought
(Press Release: March 4, 2013)
Study by Kennedy Krieger’s Center for Autism and Related Disorders reveals key predictors of speech gains.

New Study Finds Bullying Causes Significant Short-Term Emotional And Physical Consequences For Children With Autism
(Press Release: January 10, 2013)
Study by Kennedy Krieger’s Interactive Autism Network finds children with autism and psychiatric comorbidities are at especially high risk of being bullied.

Children With Autism Arrive At Emergency Room In Times Of Psychiatric Crisis Nine Times More Than Peers
(Press Release: December 3, 2012)
Kennedy Krieger researchers find families with private insurance more likely to use emergency department for urgent mental health care.

“Parenting a Child with Autism: What Should I Do In a Crisis?” Six Tips to Prepare for a Mental Health Crisis in Children on the Autism Spectrum
(Press Release: December 3, 2012)
Kennedy Krieger expert advises parents on how to plan ahead.

Kennedy Krieger Institute Collaborates On Groundbreaking International Initiative To Advance Autism Research
(Press Release: September 24, 2012)
Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE) represents unprecedented progress in autism research community.

Research Discussion with ADHD Expert Dr. Stewart Mostofsky
(Press Release: July 2, 2012)
Topic: Study finds brain neurotransmitter may be key in ADHD.

New Study Shows Simple Task at Six Months of Age May Predict Risk of Autism
(Press Release: May 16, 2012)
Kennedy Krieger Researchers Reveal New Findings on Earliest Signs of Motor Delay in Infants

"Could My Child Have Autism?" Ten Signs of Possible Autism-Related Delays in 6- to 12-Month-Old Children
(Press Release: March 26, 2012)
Kennedy Krieger Expert Advises Parents on What to Look for During Playtime

New Findings Validate the Accuracy of Autism Diagnosis in Children with Down Syndrome
(Press Release: October 4, 2011)
Study shows DSM criteria can be used to identify autism in children with Down syndrome.

Early Motor Experiences Give Infants a Social Jump Start
(Press Release: September 9, 2011)
Study Indicates Infants at Risk for Autism Could Benefit from Motor Training

Risk of Autism in Younger Siblings Substantially Higher Than Previous Estimates
(Press Release: August 15, 2011)
Study highlights importance of routine surveillance, rapid referral for infant siblings of children with ASD


Interactive Autism Network (IAN) Research News & Updates:

Stay informed and keep updated on IAN's latest news about autism research
(Current News & Updates)

Simons Foundation Partners with Kennedy Krieger’s Interactive Autism Network, Provides $2.18 Million in Funding
(Press Release: August 26, 2015)
Funding to Support Expansion of the Nation’s Largest Online Autism Research Initiative

Kennedy Krieger’s Interactive Autism Network Approved for $1.6 Million to Participate in PCORnet, a Unique National Clinical Research Network
(Press Release: July 30, 2015)
Funding award helps to put autism on the path to increased collaboration among researchers and the autism community

Age at Autism Diagnosis Differs Between Boys, Girls
(Press Release: April 28, 2015)
Study shows females also have different symptoms than males, possibly contributing to later identification, under-identification.

New Data Show Children with Autism Bullied Three Times More Frequently than Their Unaffected Siblings
(Press Release: March 26, 2012)
The Interactive Autism Network reports 63 percent of children with autism have been bullied

National Survey Will Measure How Bullying Impacts Children with Autism
(Press Release: October 17, 2011)
Interactive Autism Network asks families to report on bullying experiences of children with ASD

New Data Show Half of All Children with Autism Wander and Bolt From Safe Places
(Press Release: April 20, 2011)
Interactive Autism Network releases findings on critical safety issue, launches new research survey on pregnancy


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